Today was a good day (ice cube voice) @mjfaces

Anonymous asked: Well good luck to you! But u should add some people on to help out with the blog.

Thank you. 😍 we have been considering that if you’ve read our previous posts. We’re possibly going through a change of Administration. 

Anonymous asked: That Anon was speaking the truth she didn't come off as rude so why that response?

Just because I have school, I’m looking for a job etc. I have a lot going on.

Anonymous asked: Just because you have a life doesn't mean you can't manage a simple tumblr. It's not that hard especially since Lauren is barely out.

Just because you have a life" How do you sound, k.

Anonymous asked: I love your blog but why do you (or y'all cause I know there is co owners) have such attitudes when answering mail? I don't know if it's just a certain admin or....

Thank you so much. 😍 Majority of the time it’s me [the Co-Admin] answering the questions. I try my hardest not to sound like I have one or rude, but I’m just blunt. I’m not going to hold nothing back.

Anonymous asked: This blog is so boring now😥😫 I used to love it....

We apologize that we have lives outside of Tumblr, yeah.

Anonymous asked: I used to love this blog but y'all never on so now I'm on this new one.

You came to tell you’re on a new one for why?

Flashback Video: Rip The Runway finale dance feat. Diddy, Nelly & Lauren. (2008)

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