Anonymous asked: I hope Lauren and Nipsey are not dating and are really just out here getting money 😒

You can only hope, lovie.

Anonymous asked: Base on what that anon said do u still think yes, no, maybe is about her

Yes, honestly. 

Anonymous asked: So what's up with this blog? I remember that note you guys wrote.. What changes are going to be made?

Main Admin might be leaving. Just a few things, nothing too major.

Anonymous asked: Tell Lauren to stop with the Instagram filters lol. It's too much.

Her recent one is cute, lol.

Anonymous asked: I hope they get back together !!

Anonymous asked: What does that verse have to do with Lauren?

That’s what I’m saying, lol.

Anonymous asked: What did you think of the verse?

I don’t see where he was referring to her, honestly.

Nipsey Hussle lyrics on his “She Fell in Love” song

Yeah, don’t be afraid, fall in love
Pussy ain’t the same once I’m done
So fuck that other woman you just was
And fuck them other niggas, they my sons
See, everything different when it’s done, properly
I’ll probably have you proud to be sprung
Tell ya homegirls I’m the one
Watch ya homegirls cause they slum
This rich real nigga I become
Tell me, is this really what you want?
For I shoot you out the barrel of my gun
And fuck you like a nigga held a grudge
I ain’t the type to talk goofy off the drugs
Or take a girl heart just because
She cut ties with them scrubs
No answer, but apparently it was, cause

—— I don’t know he doesn’t give any hints to it being Lauren, but it probably is cause she’s his lady now.

Anonymous asked: Trey just said yes, no, maybe is about a girl he never made his girl but he expect's her to stay do you think he is still talking about Lauren since he never really said him and Lauren were in a relationship he said they were lovers which I guess means it was a friends with benefits thing but then they were in love with each other