Anonymous asked: Just to inform there are new pics of LL today on IG.


Lauren out earlier today with LuvMuse 

Anonymous asked: I meant all Lauren's public boyfriends have had mugshots even Trey lol random I know

I didn’t know Trey had a mugshot? Lol, random.

Anonymous asked: are you the only active lauren blog?

It’s other Lauren blogs, I don’t know if they’re active or not though.

Anonymous asked: I wish people would realize nowadays that networking is what gets you around nowadays, not talent. I'm not saying Lauren is completely untalented, but she needs a lot of work. As a fan I can say that. It's constructive criticism. Everyone who says that isn't a hater.

Okay, hater or not, everyone has different opinions and views.

Anonymous asked: That's crazy all Lauren's bags have had mugshots lmao


Anonymous asked: How can I submit you some photos of Lauren anonymous ?

Try logging out? 

Anonymous asked: I hate when people say Lauren can't act , like if she can't act then why do she get cast into movies & tv shows

Hate from afar, it really is shameful.

Anonymous asked: Where can I find that Trey songz interview? Sorry for asking this....

Which one?

Anonymous asked: lauren waz spotted at the airport hugged up with nipsey

I saw.