lakers game.


the premiere of Madea’s Big Happy Family. this is by far one of my favorite events that Lauren has attended because of her look. in today’s society, woman like to be covered in 5 lbs of makeup, with push-up bras and skin tucking so nobody can see any type of rolls or flaws. Lauren doesn’t and never falls in with that crowed. she has a natural look here, she obviously did not over do it with the boobs, you can see she has some “flab” and you can see she isn’t the skinniest. yet, she embraces it and looks comfortable. these are the type of women I look up to and this is one of many examples on why Lauren is my idol. teaching the youth that it’s okay to be yourself even in a hollywood environment. she’s just overall amazing.



Today was a good day (ice cube voice) @mjfaces

Anonymous asked: Well good luck to you! But u should add some people on to help out with the blog.

Thank you. 😍 we have been considering that if you’ve read our previous posts. We’re possibly going through a change of Administration. 

Anonymous asked: That Anon was speaking the truth she didn't come off as rude so why that response?

Just because I have school, I’m looking for a job etc. I have a lot going on.

Anonymous asked: Just because you have a life doesn't mean you can't manage a simple tumblr. It's not that hard especially since Lauren is barely out.

Just because you have a life" How do you sound, k.

Anonymous asked: I love your blog but why do you (or y'all cause I know there is co owners) have such attitudes when answering mail? I don't know if it's just a certain admin or....

Thank you so much. 😍 Majority of the time it’s me [the Co-Admin] answering the questions. I try my hardest not to sound like I have one or rude, but I’m just blunt. I’m not going to hold nothing back.

Anonymous asked: This blog is so boring now😥😫 I used to love it....

We apologize that we have lives outside of Tumblr, yeah.